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Whatís the most frequent request a bride poses to her

make up artist on her wedding day?


LOOKING BEAUTIFUL, thatís what Maria Vittoria Emili,

make up artist and private make up trainer, assures us.

Weíll give you some advice to choose the right make up

for your day, and the steps to follow in order to look beautiful.

The expert says that the first step, in case you decide to have

a make up artist, is to choose a qualified one in advance.

This might even be six months before the wedding in order

to be able to try several times before achieving the most

appropriate make up for the bride.

It means that, if, for example, the bride usually wears red lipstick,

thereís no reason for her to give it up on her wedding day.

There is no particular rule for wedding make up.

Something I would really discourage is the bride and her mother

to wear the same make up.

Apart from that, go ahead with classics such as mascara,

better if waterproof to resist tears.

Donít forget your eyebrows. They must be finely underlined in

order to guarantee a harmonic look. However, what you really

must aim at is ďbrightnessĒ, so choose a foundation that

matches the natural skin tone.

It is the right moment for pale complexion: it particularly suits

brides because it recalls the ideal of pure beauty. I use different

sparkling powders to add a velvety bright look.

On your wedding day dark circles are banned, if the previous

night you couldnít sleep use a concealer: the orange ones,

for example, will minimize the anti-aesthetic bluish shade.

Donít forget: itís important to know that some ďspecial caresĒ

must be adopted in advance:

almost two weeks before your wedding have a face treatment

to clean your skin so to make it look pure and bright.



Dear Sirs,


in order to avoid any inconvenience regarding the precision and

punctuality of appointments,Maria Vittoria Emili, look maker and

beauty consultant, starting on the 1st may 2006 expressly requires

to confirm all the appointments with an advance of 48 hours,

especially for those fixed on festivities.


For appointments fixed in the weekend the confirm must be

given on friday morning before 10 am.


If not busy she will be available for last minute

appointments on request.

Appointments must be cancelled directly via

email at or

directly on Miss Emili mobile +393387729203.


Should you have any query please donít hesitate to contact her.

Iím sure that in such manner it could be reciprocally beneficial.


Yours sincerely.

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