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  2004 weekly magazine “Donna Moderna”


Q: So, finally, tell us about you: who are you and what are you working on at the moment?

A: Certainly. I’m very happy spending some time with people who want to know me better.


Q: I’m dying to know what exactly is a “look maker” and, what’s more, if you have something new in you mind at the moment.

A: It’s an English definition now used also in Italy, where previously was defined as “on image study”. Basically is making up every character according to their epoch and place. It’s an ethnic and polyvalent job. There is a difference between a normal look maker that only works on make up and a look maker who creates and realises a total image project on their client: make up, hair scenery and everything else that is implied.


Q: yet there are specific professionals you can’t associate… will you tell us about polyvalence and ethnicity?

A: No problem! My profession at the moment deals with several aspects: photographic make up and hair service for divas, brides, personal look, make up shows and classes. Many people need help to take out their own style to be sure not to give a wrong image of themselves. Even I have got my own image consulter!


Q: have you got many people that ask for your help and do you have your own office to look after you clients?

A: I’ve got many people who trust me and it’s a pleasure for me trying to content all of them. I work a lot with the guests at the “Cavalieri Hilton” in Rome, there I work on personal look. In the “Cavalieri Hilton”’s pool I made up for the first time Antonella Mosetti, the photo shot was published on many magazines, also on cover. The scenery at the Hilton is very rich and welcoming for photo shots, that is why I have the honour and pleasure to look after to many famous people: business men, politicians, sportsmen… to me is fun and a privilege working on an international environment. I don’t have an office or a salon, I have got a beauty case with legs endowed with lights and mirror, so I can go wherever my job requires.


Q: From the way you talk you don’t seem a bit tired, yet you do several things: how could you get to this stage so quickly?

A: The secret is doing what I like and if it can be my job even better. Making a dream come true makes half your fatigue. To get to be able to cure one’s image you need to study a lot. I started very early: when still in schools, in the summertime, I used to work in my sister Maria Rita’s salon. Afterwards I worked in many other beauty centres and step-by-step I got to become a look maker.


Q: Your profession, the look maker, is one of the most loved, yet there aren’t many around, why?

A: I think it’s not a job you can start from one day to another, to me has become a way of living. Yet it can be considered as a game: surely big experts as Aldo Coppola, Michael, Diego Della Palma have so much experience to be able to play with fantasy while working. We only play for showing that is what makes experts of us.


Q: So you believe you have reached such high levels?

A: Of course not! We work on the same field, but surely I don’t have reached yet their experience.


Q: As far as I can see you are very determined and you reached high levels. What about creating a new image suitable to a lifestyle?

A: In order to create a look you need to start with a consulting job before making any change. I usually direct all the steps and look after the work on the person that can be made either by me or by my staff. Sometimes I only work on what has been set by a plot so I follow what the producer and the actor ask for. Creating a new look means exalting one person’s beauty and features, always keeping an eye not to cross the limit of decency and good taste.


Q: About your fields of action: do you prefer working for cinema or television?

A: I absolutely love make up, it’s my passion! I like dealing with hair, but I find it less challenging. I do both with confidence, but it is a well-known fact that for television and cinema I’ve worked more as a make up artist rather than as a hair stylist. Of course I dedicate myself more to what gives me visibility; I think it’s normal: you have to look high!


Q: I’m really happy for you. I wish anyone to have your advice. Is there anything you want to tell to your fans? 

A: I’m sure that whether they’ll ask me an advice I’ll be able to satisfy them, we’ll work together to exalt their features. All the interested ladies can write me, but don’t forget to tell your men too, maybe there is something they want to change. You can contact me on my email I’ll talk to you soon!

Interview :Mary Victory EMILI


Le interviste di


Maria Vittoria Emili


Interviewing Maria Vittoria Emili, make up artist, expert in cinema make up. Between the VIP she made up we can name Daniela Poggi, Victoria Silvstedt, Manuela Arcuri.


Q: Can you tell us about your cinematographic experience?

A: Hi everybody… it’s a pleasure to me having a chat with you about my professional life. As a make up artist I looked after many films, the very first has been Bagnomaria, directed by Giorgio Panariello, who was also the main actor. It was a great full-time experience. I also looked after Manuela Arcuri, who was at her cinematographic début. She was lovely. Since the movie was filmed in Viareggio, when not working, we used to go to the beach, and at nighttime we had great meals. Sometimes it happened we went to sleep early because the following day we had to wake up really early: often we had to be up at 5.00 am, to be on the set at 6.30 am ready to film until 7 pm.


Q: Does it really take so much for make up?

A: Actually in a production the make-up is fundamental and needs much time. Once the actor has their make-up on is ready to film, but then they need constant supervision on the set, so that their image and colour are the same each time they are filming. In between a shot and another there are some breaks. The actor waits, like me, the next shot, ‘til the day is over.


Q: Isn’t it heavy? Keep waiting… maybe you can read a book in the meanwhile?

A: As a make-up artist I can’t. Maybe the actor, who needs to concentrate and relax, may read a book.

On the contrary I must be very careful to all the changes the director makes so to correct make-up according to what he demands. As you can see it is an extremely tense job, and it needs lots of patience.


Q: How many movies did you work in?

A: Many. After Panariello’s one, Sulla spiaggia e al di là del molo, Megiddo, Gangs of New York.


Q: Once again the sea… Where did they film Sulla spiagge e al di là del molo?

A: This movie (directed by Giovanni Fago) was also filmed in Tuscany. Tuscany is the place that gave me the greatest cinematographic emotions. The film preparation needed much work because the plots starts in the twenty’s and gets to the seventy’s.

I worked with great make-up experts as  Trani and Tenoglio and the costume designer was Corrado Colabucci.


Q: Which one of this films taught you more?

A: American movies filmed here taught me fussiness, sometimes we Italian professionals don’t pay to it much attention. I have always studied a lot this is why I have had great chances to work with experts as Rina Andreoli (chief make-up in “Megiddo) who is well known Los Angeles and in cinema special effects.  For “Gangs of New York” I created old style beards. Watching the film on the screen was  beautiful.


Q: There are many special effects and violent scenes in Martin Scorsese’s film, didn’t they disturb you?

A: I’m now accustomed to hard scenes.

Q: Which are your project for the future?

A: At thee moment I am studying other films, Last samurai  is one of them. For example I noticed that when the first head is cut off the scene is not credible. The head rolls away, but it is too false. When just beheaded  a head is not dark and, as well as that, when the blade cuts, being so fast, the blood should  splash out. Our sector is very rich with innovations, you constantly have to study. In the spring time some American films will be filmed here and I would like to take part to them. I am now well known in my field and I’ve also my own website. I salute you all, you’ll hear again of me. I’ll talk to you soon.


Interviewed by Camilla De Nardis.

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